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How long is the program?

The North Orange County ROP Dental Assistant Training Program is the first step to a new career as a dental assistant! We are here to help you take the first step to become a registered dental assistant. The North Orange County ROP helps students discover how long dental assistant programs are and what it takes to become one. In this program, students will learn the basic functions and duties within an administrative or clinical setting in preparation to become a California Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

This program is made up of two courses. Dental Assistant Level I offers 332 hours of theory and clinical training over the course of 23 weeks. In the second course, Dental Assistant Level II students will complete 60 hours of learning and 200+ hours of work experience to qualify for the California RDA state examination. All course materials will be provided in order to support and prepare students for success.

Career Path and Career Outlook

An image describing the steps to becoming a Registered Dental Assistant following the Dental Assistant Pathway Map: Level I to Level II
Employment Outlook: Dental Assisting Median Pay: $21.61 Job Outlook: 11% increase in the next 10 years

Dental Assistant Level I

Course Description:

Dental Assistant Level I prepares students for entry-level employment as an Administrative or Clinical Dental Assistant. Students will learn the basic skills needed to satisfy requirements in starting a career in Dental Assisting. Students practice hands-on techniques as related to chairside dental assisting and current dental practices aligned with the Dental Board of California. After completion of all the Dental Board of California RDA state requirements (DA Level II) and work experience (200 + hours), students are qualified to take the state examination.


Course Outcomes & Certifications:

Dental Assistant Level II

Course Description:

Dental Assisting Level II prepares students for a job as a Registered Dental Assistant. Upon completion, graduates are prepared and eligible to sit for their Registered Dental Assistant Exam with 200+ hours of verifiable work experience. This course includes classroom, lab and clinical hours. Registered Dental Assistants (RDA) are allowed to perform additional job duties of an unlicensed Dental Assistant as well as earn greater compensation. Students will learn how to work with General Dentists as well as Dental Specialists.

  • Recommended basic computer knowledge including Google and Microsoft programs
  • Currently working as a Dental Assistant and/or previously completed Dental Assisting Level I
  • Completion of 8-hour Infection Control
  • Completion of 2-hour Dental Practice Act
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support card, certification must stay current throughout the course

Course Outcomes & Certifications:

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