Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques – Training Course

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A 2-week course for those interested in learning both fundamental and advanced-level molecular biology techniques.

About this Event

Molecular biology methods are used extensively in modern day drug discovery, research and development, and diagnostics. This hands-on training course is intended for participants with some scientific background who are seeking basic and advanced-level molecular biology training to participate in molecular biology-related and biotechnological research, supervision, scale-up or manufacturing, other technical operations, or basic/applied research.

This is an essential program for individuals looking to bridge the skills gap between college and employment and those seeking new career opportunities in the biotechnology field.

This 2-week course provides hands-on training in best practices in the standard molecular biology techniques performed in biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories. Participants will acquire and demonstrate industry-standard knowledge and skills in bacterial cloning, genomic and plasmid DNA isolation, PCR, restriction digest, gel electrophoresis, protein purification, and quantification, as well as experimental design and execution.

Attendees will benefit from having hands-on laboratory experience in the a state-of-the-art industry laboratory at University Lab Partners, as well as from interacting closely with fellow attendees and application scientists over a 2-week period.

Registrations are limited to 6 per class to ensure low student-instructor ratios, social distancing, and a rich educational experience.

Financial-need scholarship opportunities available by application. Please complete the form here.


  • Background knowledge of biology and high-level familiarity with structure and functions of cells is expected.
  • Deep interest in pursuing academic research opportunities and/or career in biotechnology.
  • If you are in high school, you must have successfully completed Biology, Biomedical Science, and/or other Biotech-related courses.

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Start Time

8:00 am

August 17, 2020

Finish Time

6:00 pm

August 28, 2020


5270 California Avenue, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92617

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