Information Technology (IT) Fundamentals

North Orange County IT Fundamentals Training

Instruction for IT training and certification

IT Training for a Future Career

Prepare for an exciting career in Information Technology (IT) with training provided by North Orange County ROP. The IT training program is an introduction to Information Technology designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge to take the IT Fundamentals exam and obtain the CompTIA certification.

Possible IT Career Opportunities

Completion of this course is the first step into the wider world of Information Technology. After completion, students can go on to careers in development operations (DevOps), Cybersecurity, IT administration, and Technology Project management.

North Orange County ROP courses are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Course Outcomes

Knowledge, IT Certifications and Hands on Knowledge

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and explain the basics of computing and IT infrastructure.
  • Set up computer workstations, establish basic network connectivity, and install and use basic software applications.
  • Explain the functions and types of devices used within a computer system.
  • Perform computer maintenance and support.
  • Describe basic principles of software and database development.
  • Configure computers and mobile devices to connect to home networks and to the Internet.
  • Identify security issues affecting the use of computers and networks.
  • Identify and prevent basic security risks

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